Fractions and Decimals

Final Assessment

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I am sure that now you have learned and mastered all the concepts of Fractions and Decimals, you are all ready to take the final assessment.

We will review in brief what we learnt so far:

·         Fractions: has a numerator and a denominator

·         Improper fraction: Numerator > Denominator

·         Proper Fractions Numerator <Denominator

·         Mixed Fractions has an integer and a proper fraction. (For details see lesson 1 and lesson 2 Conversions)

·         Reducing fractions: You need to know the greatest Common Factor of the numerator and denominator ((For details see lesson 3 Reducing Fractions)

·         How to find LCM?

·         Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division can be performed on Fractions ((For details see lesson 4 Mathematical Operations on Fractions)

·         Decimals and Vulgar fractions (Lesson 6 and Lesson 7))

·         Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division can be performed on Decimals (Lesson 8)

·         How to solve real world problems on fractions and Decimals (Lesson 5 and lesson 9 respectively)


We encourage you to read the lessons and solve practice problems again if you feel you need more practice before taking the final Assessment.

Additional Resources to study Fractions and Decimals:





Additional practice: http://home.blarg.net/~math/FDMENU.HTM



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Final Assessment:

1. Christopher made punch for the party. He used two and a half cups of pineapple juice, two and a half cups of ginger ale, and three and a half cups of white grape juice. How much liquid did he use in the punch?

2."The boy scouts had 5 yards of rope. Each scout needs 1/2 yard of rope. How many 1/2 yards can the scouts get from their 5 yards of rope?"

 3. There are 3 huge cookies. Each child will get 1/2 of a cookie. How many 1/2's will there be in 3 cookies?"

 4. Luis walked 1 1/2 block to the store. He then went to visit his friend David who lives 3 3/4 blocks from the store. They both went to the park 2 1/2 blocks from David's place. How far did Luis walk?

 5. A recipe for pizza requires 2 1/3 cups of flour. A cake requires 6 1/5 cups. How much more flour does the cake require?

6. Mr. Harris bought twenty-nine and a half feet of rope to make a tire swing for Cody. When he finished the swing, he had five and a half feet of rope left over. How many feet of rope did he use to make the swing?

7. Elizabeth's breadstick measured five and one-fourth inches. Katherine's breadstick measured seven and a third inches. What was the total length of both breadsticks?

8. Shelby went to the café and ordered a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich, a cup of potato salad, and a milkshake. The sandwich cost $3.65, the potato salad cost $2.31, and the milkshake cost $1.32. How much did Shelby's meal cost in all?

9. The East Jackson Public Library celebrated Library Lovers Month by giving a book to each elementary student who read at least 10 books during the month. At the end of the month, 59 students had earned books. At a cost of $8.34 per book, how much will it cost to give each student a book?

10. Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, is the most popular theme park in the world. More than thirty-nine million people visit it every year. If exactly 43.12 million people visit the park in 2008 at an average admission price of $43.84, how much revenue was generated from ticket sales

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