Fractions and Decimals

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 Welcome friends!!

Welcome to you in this Web based Instructional (WBI) module on fractions and decimals.
We come across fractions and decimals almost every day when we use the words 'half', 'quarter' etc. Do you want to know more about Fractions? If so, this is the perfect place for you friends.


·         Apply the concepts of Fractions and Decimals to solve real world problems.

·         Increase speed and accuracy while solving problems.

 The main purpose of this module is:

  • Understanding Fractions and Decimals.

    • Convert fractions.
    • Compare fractions
    • Add and subtract fractions
    • Multiply and Divide Fractions.

    • Convert decimals
    • Compare decimals.
    • Add and subtract of decimals
    • Multiply and Divide decimals.

·         Apply concepts to real world problems.

  • Analyze graphs, charts based on fraction concepts.
  At the completion of this module the students will be able to:

  • Solve problems involving conversion, comparison, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of fractions and decimals.
  • Apply concepts to real world problems.
  • Analyze graphs, charts using the fraction and decimal concepts

    Course Expectations:

    As a student of this Web Based Module, you need to have

    ·         Entry level skills.

    ·         Technical skills

    ·         Basic Navigational skills

    To complete this course successfully.

    ·         Write about yourself by adding your profile in the ‘Participant’ page, this helps building an online learning community.

    ·         For your benefits, you should take the pretest and then start Lesson 1, Lesson 2…… and continue the sequence.

    ·         Solve the practice problems on your own. No need to send them to the instructor.

    ·         Assignments need to be solved regularly after each lesson and send them to the instructor through emails.

    ·         Assessments are graded, so send completed assessments to the instructor through emails.

    ·         Once you complete all the lessons, take the final assessment and email the completed final assessment to the instructor.

    ·         Take a look at the additional resources links and supporting materials (videos on the topics).

    ·         You can communicate with the instructor at anytime through email or by writing your comments and concerns through Collaborative Workspace.

    ·         Any technical problems can be reported using the feedback form and also Collaborative Workspace.

    ·         For any other issues or concerns contact the instructor using the email address at the bottom of the page; please allow 24 hours, the Instructor will try to answer your emails at the earliest.



    Technical Requirements


    You will have to take the pretest, before you start this module.


Objectives of the next lesson:

Lesson 1 What is Fraction? In this lesson you will know What is Fraction and how to represent fractions.

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