Fractions and Decimals

Lesson 9 Real World Problems involving Decimals

Welcome Friends!! In day to day routine, you come across the problems in money, measurements involving decimals. You have o apply your knowledge of Decimals to solve them.

Objective: In this lesson we will learn steps to solve the real world problems.

So far you have gained knowledge about

·         What are decimals?

·         How do you convert the vulgar fractions into decimals and vice a versa.

·         How to perform mathematical operations on decimals?

 When you are solving Real world Problems, you need to do it step by step.

1.     Understand what parameters are given in the problem?

2.     What is asked to find out?

3.     Visualize the situation.

4.     Draw the diagram about what is given and what is asked.

5.     Analyze the problem.

6.     Do the necessary calculations.

7.     Solve the problem.

Examples of Real world Problems:

The cost of a fairy tale show at the Sertoma center is $9.75 per person, If a family of four gets 4 tickets how much would they pay?


Given parameter: Cost of a ticket per person : $9.75

Number of tickets taken: 4

To find out: Total cost for the show.

Operation need to be performed: Multiplication

Calculation: 9.75 * 4

Use the rules of multipltaction of decimal by integer you studied earlier,

Find answer: Answer is $39. 00

Practice Problems

: Remember you will simply solve these problems on your own; It is not needed to email the answers to the instructor.


If 1 lb pineapple costs $ 3.40 how much would 5 lb Pineapple cost?

Assignment 9

Please email the answers to this Assignment 9 to the email address provided at the bottom of the page. Please do not forget to write the Assignment number.

Scrooge bought the biggest turkey at the butcher's shop for the Cratchit family. It weighed 32.8 pounds! There were two more turkeys in the shop. One weighed 20.8 pounds. The other one weighed 18.7 pounds. What was the average weight of the turkeys?


Assessment 9

Please email the answers to this Assessment 8 to the email address provided at the bottom of the page. Please do not forget to write the Assessment number.

1.     If one coconut costs $1.29 what will be the price of 10 coconuts?

2.     I have a ribbon 1.5 meter long. I need 3 meter long ribbon, How much more ribbon do I need?

3.     Christina's family of five people decided to spend their summer vacation in San Antonio. They went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas on Tuesday which cost them $30.61 per person. On Thursday, they visited Sea World. The fun they had there cost them $45.88 per person. How much money did Christina's family spend on admission into these two parks?

 4.     The distance from our house to the grocery store is 5.3 miles. The distance from our house to the mall 10.5 miles. How much further is the mall than the grocery store from our house?

5.     Steven has $6.57 to spend on a new shirt at a store in Sydney. He likes a shirt that costs $11.99. How much money does he need to borrow to buy the shirt that he likes

Objective of the next lesson

Brief Objective of next Lesson: In the next lesson we will take the final assessment based on Fractions and Decimals.

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