Fractions and Decimals


This Web site is designed with simple navigation. This web based module is divided in to nine lessons. For each of the lessons the objectives are posted at the beginning of each lesson.

The instructions for each lesson, rules, and step by step methods are given.

Problem exercises are provided to you.

You will be writing an assignment and emailing it to the instructor at the specified address.

You will take an assessment at the end of each lesson and email it to the instructor at the specified address.

At the end of the entire module you will take a final assessment and email it to instructor at the specified address.

The results of all the assessments and also the checked assignments will be returned to you by email.

You will receive the detailed report card for all your assessments through email.

The links to all the lessons are provided to you on the left side of this Web site and you can click on any link to study that lesson.

We recommend you complete the lessons starting from first, second and so on.


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