Fractions and Decimals


The following topics are covered in this module:

·         What are fractions?

·         Improper and mixed fractions

·         Conversions of improper and mixed fractions

·         Greatest Common Factor (GCF)

·         Reducing fractions

·         Add and subtract fractions with same denominators

·         Find the Least common Multiple (LCM)

·         Add and subtract  Fractions with different denominators

·         Add and subtract mixed fractions with same denominators

·         Add and subtract mixed fractions with different denominators

·         Multiply and Divide proper fraction

·         Multiply and Divide mixed fraction

·         Real world problems involving fractions

·         What is decimal?

·         Conversions between decimals fractions and vulgar fractions.

·         Add and subtract of decimals

·         Multiply decimals by integer

·         Multiply decimal by decimal

·         Divide decimal by integer

·         Divide decimal by decimal

·         Real world problems involving decimals

Required Entry level skills:

·         You need to know the concept of Integers

·         Place value of each digit.


Technical requirements

Getting Started

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